Winter 1967 moved with pregant Wife & Son Tilly

Between 1967 - 1981 the family below has shared time with my wife tilly arjunan & myself

Some of the family we have shared our life with include : -

Sabaratnam Suren Selvathy Canagasundaram

Menaka Thanabal Ram Sumathy Sri

Assiammah Vannee Sivanee

Thamby (Parameswaran) Vatsala

In 1969.. Arjunan threw a spoon at the window becasue he was angry, we were on our way to Sri Lanka... I walked 2 miles to get a new window and fixed it in... then we went away to Sri Lanka by RAF... for the summer....

Bought 1st car

Tilly & Arjunan entered the Royal Grammar School High Wycombe, one of the best grammar schools in the country..

1981 Seers Green Train Crash Tilly crushed his lower vertebrae & was lucky not to be paralysed.

Arjunan was not injured...

Moved work to RAF Strike Command in Naphill Bucks.  Assistant Scientific Officer, a position
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